Training & Development

Build an enterprise out of your skills.

What We Offer

Equip yourself with the right knowledge, from non-comprehensive to all encompassing.

Our Process for Training & Development

1. Assessment and Analysis

We believe in building fruitful relationship with right people and we know that is important to you. We initiate the process by spending entire day at your place and perform several activities stated as follows:

  • Identification of key people
  • Interview of managers and employees’ surveys
  • Discussion about training requirements
  • Understanding strategic goals
  • Measure HR challenges
  • Skill gaps identification
  • Run risk assessment based on job roles
  • Supervisor identifies and brief potential trainers on skill gaps and learning objectives

2. Training and Development of Curriculum

We follow a customized approach in catering to your specific needs cited below:

  • Looking out for availability and learning styles of your employees
  • Allowing employees to choose and pick activities and modules and still delivering the learning they required
  • Skills arranged into classes
  • Determine baring methods and resources
  • Self assessment surveys with personal feedback
  • TA and Instructors develop course materials
  • Curriculum reviewed by management for approval
  • Podcasts listening
  • Video based instructions
  • In class lectures and workshops
  • Business simulation games and role playing

3. Logistics

  • Instructor and TA sends invites to classes
  • TA manages computer setup
  • TA/BA instructor prepare data for class activities
  • Instructor runs classes; keeps attendance
  • Instructor sends record to TA
  • TA enters training data into LMS

4. Certifications

  • TA/BA instructor prepare certifications forms
  • Instructors run certification with users
  • Instructors send completed certifications forms to TA
  • TA records certifications
  • Classes take certification exams
  • Certifications issued

We Offer Training and Development in Four Main Categories as Cited Below:

  • Foreign Based Training – usually recommended for Strategic and High-Level Management Personnel at strategic locations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America and Southeast Asia.
  • Technical/Specialist Training – this is sector specific and builds the capacity of the organization for optimal performance within their respective sectors such as oil & gas, telecommunications, banking & finance etc.
  • Non-Technical General Training – this training is delivered across all organisational levels, irrespective of position or cadre. It looks to build on individual capacity for developing skills such as leadership, mentoring, office management, team building, HR etc.
  • I.T Professional Training & Certification – every business and organisation needs to build the information technology capacity of its workforce from basic soft IT skills to professional training and certification.


To strategically position Excelian Technologies within the Emerging Technologies space to offer real solutions to real life problems and drive the African participation in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).


Our mission is to grow our clients’ technology ecosystem, with a suite of application for real life use cases, and to provide complete digital transformation that will enhance and optimize their business and operational processes to compete favourably in the 21st century world.

Trained Staff

Happy Customers

Apps & Softwares Launched

Our Interactive Learning Roadmap

1. Pedagogy

Our trainers and students work and learn together in a collaborative effort to helping the students achieve their learning goals.

2. Planning

We plan for success, taking into consideration different teaching and learning styles.

3. Content Development

Our content and learning materials are developed to meet the realities of the present day, where students can align their training to real life scenarios.

4. Production

Our training is produced to the highest quality in digital format using electronic learning and digital resources.

5. Delivery

The training we provide is delivered in serene and learning friendly environments.

6. Evaluation

Our post-training monitoring and evaluation allows us to stay connected with students and evaluate progress and plans for further developments.

Our Available Programs

Leadership Development Training Programs

Our suite of leadership focused educational programs can provide the members of your executive and management teams with the strategies, tools, and techniques needed to successfully lead your organization.

  • Building & Managing Highly Effective Teams
  • Coaching & Managing with Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating with Empathy & Compassion
  • Delegation
  • Delivering Effective Feedback
  • Delivering Effective Performance Appraisals
  • Improving Managerial Effectiveness
  • Leadership Goal Setting
  • Leadership Workshop Series
  • Managing Emotions in the Workplace
  • Managing Change in the Workplace
  • Management Training for the New Manager or Supervisor
  • Multigenerational Workforce Training
  • Performance Management Training
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution Training
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
    Professional Development Training Programs

    Providing employees with opportunities for professional development has long been recognized as a key retention and organizational growth tool. Training sessions are delivered in a way that is engaging, with participants practicing the skills they are learning in real-time so that they can be immediately applied in their immediate work environment.

    • Anger Management
    • Building & Enhancing Customer Service Skills/Programs
    • Critical Thinking
    • Decision Making
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • Job Performance Training
    • Persuasion Skills
    • Planning & Facilitating Effective Business Meetings
    • Public Speaking
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Professional Negotiation & Influencing Skills
    • Time Management
    • Workplace Communication Skills
    • Workplace Email Etiquette
    • Workplace Organizational Skills
      General Management Training Programs

      Gain applicable business insights, strategic skills, and leadership tools to prepare for the next stage in your career. Ideal for Mid to Senior Level Management.

      • Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP)
      • Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives (BPSE)
      • Advanced Management Program (AMP)
      • Transition to Business Leadership (TBL)
      • Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL)
      • Global Management Foundations (GMF)
      • Managing Organizational Change
      • Leadership Skills for High Performing Teams
      • Professional Business Communication
      • Succession Planning Through Effective Monitoring
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Project Management Professional (PMP)
        General Computer Skills

        Providing employees with general computer knowledge and skills has become a necessary and vital skill set to have, in a computer-driven digital age.

        • Adobe Photoshop
        • Computer Basics
        • Databases: Microsoft Access (Level 1 and 2)
        • Email: Microsoft Outlook
        • Internet Basics – Microsoft Internet Explorer
        • Microsoft Office Version Upgrades
        • Microsoft Visio
        • Pivot Tables
        • Power Query and Flash Fill
        • Presentations: PowerPoint (Levels 1-3)
        • Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel (Levels 1-4)
        • Word Processing: Microsoft Word (Levels 1-4)

        Professional I.T Training & Certification Programs

        We have expert level certified trainers to provide you with all your professional I.T training needs in whichever field. Contact us for more information on different I.T professional courses training and certifications that will suite your organisation.