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Top 6 BEST Digital Marketing Software For Online Marketing 2022
Posted on: Jul 26, 2022

The use of digital channels to promote goods and services and contact consumers is referred to as “digital marketing.” Websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels with a similar function are used in this kind of marketing. With the introduction of the internet in the 1990s, digital marketing gained popularity.

Digital marketing is frequently seen as a novel technique for businesses to interact with customers and comprehend their behaviour. It has some of the same ideas as traditional marketing. Traditional and digital marketing strategies are frequently combined by businesses.

In the past, businesses prioritized marketing via print, television, and radio. These choices are still available today, but the development of the internet caused a change in how businesses interact with their customers. Digital marketing became useful in this situation. Websites, social media, apps, search engines—anything that combines marketing with consumer feedback or a two-way connection between the business and the customer—are used in this type of marketing.

Since the world has shifted toward digitization, conventional marketing strategies are now no longer effective. This is true since things are changing rapidly right now, and businesses must adapt as well.

Nowadays, everyone is aware of what digital marketing is and how it helps companies sell things more easily than they could with conventional marketing strategies.

The amazing online marketing tools listed below can assist businesses in remaining at the top of their respective markets by being sufficiently relevant and digital.


Today’s market is brimming with excellent digital marketing tools. What distinguishes is that it also serves as project management software. This combination results in a one-of-a-kind software that can greatly benefit all types of businesses.

The tool can be used to plan marketing campaigns visually. Because everyone on your marketing team is automatically notified when a campaign is scheduled, delayed, or canceled, the platform allows you to keep everyone on the same page. also integrates seamlessly with almost all existing marketing applications, such as Facebook Ads, Survey Monkey, Typeform, and others, in an effort to make digital marketers’ jobs easier.


  1. Online collaboration with your team to visually plan marketing campaigns.
  2. Send out automated notifications whenever the status of the campaign at work changes.
  3. Visualize assets in a variety of contexts, including a visualized grid, detailed cards, a full project view, and so on.
  4. Use request forms to collect information for marketing campaigns.
  5. Annotate media files to speed up the campaign approval process.

Price: has four pricing plans and one plan that is completely free.

2. Constant Contact

One of the top email marketing and digital marketing all-in-one solutions we’ve come across is Constant Contact.
Its capacity to automate essential digital marketing operations is a key factor in its popularity. For instance, by allowing consumers to streamline email and social media marketing through a single dashboard, it makes both of them more quicker and more affordable.

You are given all the tools you need by the platform to make effective tailored emails, landing sites, social media adverts, etc. This helps your firm scale and fend off competition while enabling you to easily expand your consumer base. The software also excels in terms of reporting features, giving you instantaneous information on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


  1. Create advertising, emails, and landing pages using dozens of pre-designed templates.
  2. A/B Testing
  3. Contact list-building tools.
  4. Real-time monitoring of campaign performance.
  5. Integrate with a number of potent outside programs.


Monthly Core Plan: $9.99 Plus Plan: $45

Please be aware that Constant Contact provides a free trial that lasts 60 days in addition to 2 pricing tiers.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue provides a platform with all the features for digital marketing in one location.
It provides features and capabilities for transactional email, CRM, chat, email marketing, SMS marketing, and segmentation, among other things.

Designing landing pages for your campaigns will be possible. To expand your email contact list, you can incorporate a unique Signup form on your website.


  1. Sendinblue offers Facebook Ads tools that make it possible for you to re-target contacts.
  2. Provides the ability to customise the content, design your message, and optimize send times using machine learning for email marketing.
  3. You can automate the marketing and sales operations with its marketing automation tools.
    It enables a variety of configuration options for transactional emails, including API, e-commerce plugins, marketing automation, etc.
  4. With the Sendinblue platform, you can keep an eye on the performance in real time.


4. Keap

Keap is an all-in-one digital marketing tool that essentially automates all essential sales and marketing-related processes. The platform may be used to automate time-consuming operations like lead capture, which can save a ton of time. When it comes to starting automatic email and text marketing campaigns, Keap also performs exceptionally well.

Additionally, the platform automatically contacts leads who have submitted contact forms on your social network pages or website, enhancing your chances of closing a deal. Additionally included with Keap is the Advanced Automation Builder tool, which enables you to alter all sales and marketing-related procedures.


  1. Customer Relationship Management with Full Features.
  2. Sales pipeline management with drag and drop.
  3. Analytics dashboard for displaying CRM, sales, and marketing data.
  4. Email and text marketing templates that are simple to set up.
  5. A/B Testing


5. Hubspot

Hubspot is software for inbound marketing, sales, and service that enables you to expand your company without making any sacrifices.

It has more than 56,000 users across more than 100 nations, and 200+ apps are integrated.
Additionally, it offers CRM that is fundamentally free because they think every company has to have a single view of its customer database.


  1. Blogging, landing pages, email marketing, automation, lead management, analytics, CMS, social networking, SEO, and other elements are all included in one inbound marketing software.
  2. Customer relationship management (CRM) solution that is free and aids in lead generation, revenue growth, and customer data tracking.
  3. With drag-and-drop capability, powerful landing pages, and email templates, you can create, build, and change your website without any prior IT experience.
  4. With real-time SEO recommendations, increase traffic and put your content in front of the proper audience.
    Convert visitors into conversion leads, monitor your target audience, and produce reports and insights that can be put to use.


6. Semrush

For experts in digital marketing, Semrush is a comprehensive toolkit. It can offer SEO, paid traffic, social media, content and public relations, and market research services. It offers solutions for enterprise, competitive research, and e-commerce. It will assist you in identifying fresh chances for development.

With Market Explorer, you may learn about the major firms, indirect competitors, traffic shares, and trends. You may learn more about your target audience and conduct research on them.


For organic research, advertising research, backlinks, keyword research, traffic analytics, and market explorer, Semrush may offer analytics reports. It offers tools like the Keyword Magic Tool, CPC Map, SEO Writing Assistant, Reports, and Charts, among others.

It has social media tracker, social media poster, on-page SEO checker, content analyzer, PPC keyword tool, advertisement builder, etc.



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